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When you’re living the “ag-life” you need clothing that can meet the demands and challenges that come with it. From sweltering days moving hay bales to times where you need to be up at 4am to take care of the chores so you can get to the farmer’s market at 10am, you want clothing you can trust to work as intended, keep you comfortable, and keep you looking presentable.

At AgGear, we relish the “ag-life” and have worked tirelessly to create the perfect performance wear for farmers and those in agriculture (or just hard-working people from the countryside). The result? Our FarmDri performance wear.

On this page, we’ll share the basic info you need to know about our amazing FarmDri products.

The Benefits Of FarmDri

As you can see from the icons above, there are four main benefits to our FarmDri apparel. However, before we break down those benefits, let’s talk a bit about your options. Currently, we offer two variants of our FarmDri apparel, and both come in short or long sleeve options. First is our classic t-Shirt that comes in a wide variety of solid colors, and our other option is the “Hay Baler” button down shirt that boasts the classic, clean style of your favorite button down in various classic patterns and colors.

While each garment varies slightly when it comes to composition and design, they share the same attribute. Because we’ve carefully selected the fabrics with the intention of providing you with sweat wicking comfort. Thus, we have our specific blends of antimicrobial fabrics that work to wick moisture off your body and control body odor over the course of a long day’s work! And, as a result, we’ve created the most-functional and most-comfortable work shirts around! The sweat-wicking properties are sure to keep you cooler than your average shirts.

What’s more, our Hay Baler shirts actually feature special armpit mesh and gussets to ensure breathability and comfort all day long.

Finally, our clothing is all fashionable to the point where you can wear it wherever you need to go. While our FarmDri t-shirts aren’t necessarily something we’d recommend wearing to get gussied up, our Hay Baler’s button down design ensures that you’ll be looking your best whether you break out the slacks or wear them with your favorite pair of jeans.
At the end of the day, our FarmDri apparel was made with you in mind. We truly hope you’ll try some out, as we’re certain it’ll become a favorite clothing to wear around the farm.

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