AG-GEAR was born on a tractor, seeded with American grit, then fertilized with American values.

Established 2013

Ag-gear was founded in 2013 on the idea of advancement. We saw the innovations across the agricultural industry and thought, “how would that translate to apparel for the ag community?” As science and machinery have progressed over the years, technology and performance are top of mind in agriculture. This growth in methods of harvesting, seeding, genetics, and overall land and animal management provide efficient methods of operation and more sustainable practices to support the growing population. We at Ag-gear believe your apparel should advance at the same pace. We believe your clothing can be used as a tool instead of an afterthought. We are building technical clothing to support the farmers and ranchers who are feeding and generating goods for the rest of the world. From sun up to sun down, the ag community is working. Their work requires their clothing to keep up with any task the day throws at them. Durability and functionality are the pillars we, at Ag-gear, stand for in our design and development to ensure our community is protected and proficient in what they do.