AG-GEAR was born on a tractor, seeded with American grit, then fertilized with American values.

Established 2013

In 2013, Jeff Peel, a farmer and clothing designer, had been consulting with several clothing brands developing products and trademark registrations. On one cold Saturday morning while feeding the cows, he stopped his tractor, stretched in his seat, and surveyed his pasture and the herd. He thought, “There is no better life!” At that moment, he knew exactly what brand he should create. A brand that represents the unsung hero lifestyle of the farmer and rancher. Jeff gave life to this new brand:

AG-GEAR is the brand for those who live the Agricultural life.

That following Monday, Peel called a patent attorney and registered the trademark for the name. With the background and connections he had developed working with Russell Athletic, he knew he could build products geared toward the agriculture industry that wouldn’t just be regular shirts and pants. He started with a few screen-printed tees and branded hats just to see how they would be perceived in the market.

Peel talked a local feed store into trying 500 T-shirts, and they sold out in about two weeks. Then, he went to his local men’s clothing store, where he had been buying his clothes for a number of years and asked if Ag-Gear would be able to compete in this industry. The store owner said that if the quality was good and the pricing was comparable there was room in the marketplace for Ag-Gear.

At that point, he had something real.

We were raised on the farm and wouldn't trade it for anything!

Now, Peel just needed to build the team. He contacted Randy Allen, a longtime friend, and Kelly Waldrop, who worked with him at Russell, and they started working on building the brand from scratch. Later, Pepper Moffitt joined to help manage the business and expand the brand’s capabilities and reach.

Since relocating the company to Fort Worth, TX, Ag-Gear’s mission is to strengthen the agricultural community through durable products specialized for the functionality of the farmer and rancher lifestyle.

Farmers and Ranchers never stop working, and neither do we.