New Year’s Resolutions For The American Farmer

While New Year’s resolutions have certainly become popular among the urban community, it probably hasn’t crossed your mind as a farmer how you can implement a few resolutions yourself for starting off the new year on the right foot.

There’s likely a laundry list of resolutions spanning the farm, family, and personal growth that you could choose from to focus on for the upcoming year, but here at Ag Gear, we have put together a few of our favorites we have heard from our fellow farmers. We hope that you will choose a few to strive to accomplish yourself, and if one of your resolutions is to upgrade your ranch wear collection, be sure to see our collection of farm apparel to look and feel your best when you’re out on the job.

The Farmer’s New Year Resolutions


Explore New Farming Options

This is an exciting time to be a farmer as new progressions are being made with the passing of the latest Farm Bill giving more freedom and support to the agriculture community. If you aren’t familiar with the new legislation passed, some of the key things to take away from it are that more permanent funding will be provided to local farmers markets, organic farming research, and the legalization of hemp production.

Even if you’ve been growing a specific staple crop on your family farm for decades, it might be worth looking into expanding your horizons to see what other possibilities there are for your farm. Whether it’s getting into the hemp farming industry, which is projected to explode into a $20 billion industry, or getting more involved with your local markets to find out what their needs are, this can help you become a more well rounded farmer as you learn new practices and potentially grow your business.

Embrace Technology in Farming

It’s no secret that technology is becoming a pivotal part of just about every industry in the country, and farming is no exception to this matter. As farmers, if we want to keep up with the way agriculture is headed, we have to embrace these new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. From aerial imaging, GPS technology, temperature and moisture sensors, and more, the improvements in farming technology that have arisen can not only help you stay competitive, but once you learn how to properly implement them into your farming operation, they can make your life a whole lot easier.

Step Up Your Ranch Wear With Ag Gear

Many farmers are accustomed to simply getting by. They’ll work out in the fields all day in the frigid cold or the blistering heat, putting up with their lack of comfort, as it has just become an accepted part of their job description. If you haven’t noticed, these resolutions each focus on making your life easier as a farmer, and one of the most crucial ways to do this is by equipping yourself with the proper ranch wear — ranch wear that not only keeps you comfortable during a hard day’s work, but also shows your pride in being apart of the farming community. After all, you didn’t choose the Ag life, the Ag life chose you, so you might as well look the part.